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Our Intentions,

or, instead of a preface:

Dear vordenkerin, dear  vordenker!

Do you like to write (scientific) articles, essays, lyrics and/or do you create something in the fields of music, arts, multimedia? Do you like to publish your text/multimedia contributions concerning politics and society, economy and science, arts and culture, hobby, sports and entertainment faster than before?

vordenker, our web-forum open to a lot of disciplines offers a platform for ideas and observations of all kinds. - Since the Eighties of the last century the term "Vordenker" is used rather often by press as well as in biographical and political contexts. Even Grimms German Dictionary proves the common activity of 'vordenken' within literature and philosophy of the 19th century.

But for us there are more than traditional reasons to use that expression:
"Thinking" (i.e. "Denken" in German) possesses not only a strong relationship to remembrance in terms of word history. We think by comparing known with new experiences or knowledges, by moving our fantasy and by understanding things and producing new thoughts.

Our thinking does not know any disciplinary borders, which essentially should support all sciences instead of limiting them, and even within reminiscence and recollection it moves towards future thoughts. Accordingly our thinking is not only a re-thinking (i.e. "Nach-denken" in German) like the work-sharing within sciences is not an end in itself. However the dark sides of particularisation often lead to the moaned blindness of specialities and hamper understanding and respect.

A webforum like vordenker possesses no paper pages and no hardcover, which for aesthetic and economic reasons quarterly contains a particular amount of pages.

A webforum is able to pay less respect to thematic borders than specialized magazines, whose new issues have to face the information overload and legitimize itself by applying more sharper specialization criteria.

A webforum opens and offers new chances for a dialogic understanding!

Accordingly vordenker offers a forum for publication and exchange of your thoughts.
Ask for detailed conditions!
Copyrights basically are hold by the authors!

Email: webmaster@vordenker.de 

Larry Steindler and Joachim Paul, September 9, 1996